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E 4552Color 1Nathan Egger interviews Erik Townsend about trading strategies for the coming bottom in oil prices. Erik and Nathan discuss:

  • A summary of the oil market fundamentals, as Erik sees it
  • Potential counter-arguments to Erik's view
  • How the "smart money" should be playing this coming bottom including; tanker trade, shipping container trade, etc
  • How a commodities trader should be approaching a turn in the oil market including; contract selection, term structure, options
  • Trading a reversal in crude oil from a fixed income manager's perspective - long/short strategies, potential contagions
  • Other potential risks to credit markets
  • An equity manager's view of an upcoming bottom - who will be the winners/losers, ETFs
  • Strategies a retail investor can employ to gain exposure to the coming rebound in oil - contango-related risks to ETFs like USO
  • The need for patience, regardless of which type of investor you may be
  • Listener questions posed either in the forums, or by emailing questions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • and plenty more...

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Arthur Berman largeErik Townsend welcomes geologist and energy industry consultant Art Berman to MacroVoices. Erik and Art discuss:

  • The crude oil backstory and the current oversupply
  • The likelihood of a future production cut from OPEC
  • Middle Eastern politics and how they will affect future oil prices
  • EIA/IEA and other government agency statistics - Are they reliable?
  • Oil storage considerations and the importance of Cushing, OK - How close are we to capacity?
  • The Baker Hughes Rig Count - Does it matter?
  • Iran and their ongoing production increases
  • The US shale patch operators and their associated junk bonds - What is the chance of widespread default?
  • Production decline rates for US shale producers
  • Libya’s potential to affect this market - ISIS standing in the way?
  • Identifying a bottom in the oil market and a whole lot more…

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Marc Faber largeErik Townsend welcomes Dr. Marc Faber to MacroVoices. Erik and Marc discuss:

  • The Fed, Treasury, and U.S. Government are one and the same - Neo-Keynesian Interventionists
  • Negative interest rates, and the possibility of seeing them in The U.S.
  • "The War on Cash" and other trends driving insecurity and leading to increased rates of saving
  • "Helicopter Money" and other Fed options for direct stimulus to spenders
  • The political forces driving huge foreign investment in Indochina
  • The contrast between the great Asian success stories, and the failures of other emerging markets
  • India, its potential, particularly for stock pickers, and the problems it faces
  • "China Beach," Vietnamese real estate, and the difficulties of investing in many Asian nations
  • The inevitable deflating of the "Chinese credit bubble"
  • Kyle Bass' outsized bet against the Yuan
  • Precious metals, gold mining stocks, and much, much more

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Jim Rogers largeErik Townsend welcomes legendary investor Jim Rogers as MacroVoices’ first feature interview. Erik and Jim discuss:

  • China both long and short-term
  • Falling currencies around the world
  • The coming market turmoil and its tactical bullish implications for the U.S. dollar, even in the face of longer-term bearish forces that will also affect the dollar
  • U.S. monetary policy and the failure of Quantitative Easing
  • Weakness in the banking sector despite massive injections of liquidity
  • The 35-year bond bull market and its eventual end
  • Current trouble in high-yield credit (junk bonds)
  • Whether the recent breakout in gold prices is sustainable or a parabolic surge that could lead to a blow-off to
  • U.S. debt levels, and their consequences and market implications
  • Implications of the upcoming U.S. Presidential election on markets
  • Sovereign debt crises
  • De-dollarization and much more.

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