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Erik Townsend is a retired software entrepreneur turned hedge fund manager. Throughout his career, Erik has capitalized on his ability to understand complex systems and anticipate paradigm shifts far in advance of the mainstream. Read More...

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All-Star Brent Johnson and Erik discuss:

  • Brent disagrees with those who predict QE3 in the U.S., but says even if it does happen, the direction reversal for the USD would only be temporary
  • Brent expects a big pull-back in gold—back to the 1350-1377 breakout zone, and he explains why and what will drive it
  • Why Brent thinks the SPX is headed higher, with or without QE4
  • Brent’s take on the repo crisis and dollar liquidity generally

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All-Star Juliette Declercq and Erik discuss:

  • Drivers of the present liquidity crisis
  • Why Juliette predicts that QE4 is coming in Q4, and why she thinks it’s needed
  • Why Juliette thinks the stock market could move much higher when this occurs

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Erik Townsend and Patrick Ceresna welcome Harley Bassman to MacroVoices. Erik and Harley discuss:

  • MOVE index as a leading economic indicator
  • Reversal in bond yields and what's coming next
  • Corporate buybacks and the divergence of the S&P500 from the global economy
  • Is the US going to follow Europe into negative rates?
  • How the upcoming election may affect both fiscal and monetary policy
  • Possibilities of a bond market crisis and what to expect
  • Perspectives on recent breakout in gold
  • "The Opposite of Bad is Worse" and perspectives on negative rates
  • Buying opportunities in negative rates

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This week’s panel: Art Berman, Anas Alhajji and Patricia Hemsworth

  • A new chapter in the Age of Oil: How things will change in the wake of Abqaiq
  • What happens when shale plays out and we need to look for more supply?
  • Debunking the fallacy that Electric Vehicles will bring about the end of the age of oil
  • What to expect in coming weeks and months

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Art Berman Chartbook September 25 2019 





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All-Star Prof. Steve Keen and Erik discuss:

  • Big picture: What happened and why it’s important
  • Comparing the writings of Nathan Tankus, Zoltan Poszar and George Seglin as they relate to this event
  • Why Steve doesn’t think the fiat sky is falling, as some in the crypto community have suggested


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All-Star Danielle DiMartino Booth and Erik discuss:

  • Repo market mayhem and the Fed’s losing touch with markets
  • Danielle’s reactions to Jeff Snider’s insights on the repo market blow-up
  • Watch the MOVE index, not the stock market, for signs of distress

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The Daily Feather - Noise Silencing Policy 

The Daily Feather - Deadpool of Labor  (from All Stars Episode #55 September 11th 2019)

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All-Star Jeff Snider and Erik discuss:

  • How last week’s repo rate blowout fits into the narrative Jeff has been engaging MacroVoices listeners in for weeks
  • Debunking the “It’s just transitory technical factors” explanation offered by Jay Powell
  • Primary dealers are inexplicably hoarding safe-haven assets. We need to ask why?
  • Discussion of what this might mean and what may be coming
  • The significance of underlying systemic funding pressures and what it has already meant to this point. 

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Funding Pressures - Something Doesn't Seem Right 

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Hot Topics interviews are scheduled and produced in reaction to events that come up in markets, independent of our regular podcasts in which the guests are usually scheduled in advance. Today’s Hot Topic is Alex Gurevich's follow-up from the Grant Williams interview from September 5th.

  • Alex explains why a dollar rally = gold headwind is an “urban myth”
  • Why Alex likes both trades (long dollar and long gold) but doesn’t see one as a hedge for the other
  • Update on Alex’ expert view on the bond market’s backup in yields



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male silhouette.Erik Townsend and Patrick Ceresna welcome David Rosenberg to MacroVoices. Erik and David discuss:

  • Perspective on S&P500's divergence from the global economy
  • Scarcity in yields and economic activity
  • Recent dislocation in value & growth index
  • Thoughts on the FOMC statement
  • Outlook on the bond market
  • Outlook on the dollar, gold and silver
  • Geopolitics and US/China trade war
  • Outlook on Canadian economy

SPECIAL POST GAME GUEST- Kevin Muirmale silhouette

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MVEnergyWeek6This week’s panel: Anas Alhajji and Joe McMonigle

  • What exactly are the facilities at Abquaiq and why are they such an important energy security checkpoint?
  • What exactly happened? Who did it, and is there risk of more attacks?
  • What this means to the future of energy security
  • Impacts on markets – is the price spike over?
  • The U.S. Response – sanctions already announced; will military action follow?
  • Saudi Arabia’s new leadership and their expected response


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